December 13, 2017


The shop was founded by Phil Fifer in the early 2000’s and has been mountain bike-centric from the start. Kevin purchased the shop in November of 2014 with the original location being on Commerce Blvd in Rohnert Park and opened the new and current location at the foot of Trione-Annadel on Montgomery Drive in July of 2015 to better serve our customers and get us closer to the park at we love.

Kevin picture

Owner Kevin Gambini was born and raised here in Santa Rosa our family roots run deep, being a third generation graduate of Santa Rosa High and riding in Trione-Annadel since the early 1990’s. He has also worked on and off in the industry since he was a young teenager and love all disciplines within cycling. As a rider, he has progressed from enthusiast as a young teenager racing at Boggs and Billy Cross at Lake Sonoma to an endurance xc racer in my early 30’s. He has also been a part of the of the local high school mountain bike team (Annadel Composite